Earplug earrings you'll never lose
Waterproof carrying case for HEARRINGS: earplug earrings
 HEARRINGS: Earplug earrings you'll never lose
HEARRINGS: earplug earrings you'll never lose


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Earplug earrings you'll never lose! Handmade in Portland, OR with gunmetal black findings.  These earplugs will filter out 20 decibels of sound to stylishly protect your hearing from the damaging waves, while allowing you to still hear music and speech clearly.  Always have your earplugs on you from now on!  Your earplug earrings leverback can attach to your ears or existing earrings, wherever they have a loop. Your HEARRINGS earplugs also come with a clip on, waterproof, metal storage case.

HEARRINGS: So the music never stops.